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Brand strategy, Branding and Web development for the hospitality sector.

Presentise specializes in developing brand strategy, branding and websites for the Hospitality Industry. From hotels to hostels and bed & breakfasts to villa complexes. We understand what this industry is all about. Experience and convenience. That is why we are proud to know how to create links. With people and with the help of technology.

95% of customers first look online for information. Is it clear in 1 store what to expect? Or is it a nice experience to book a room? This online experience is decisive, both for the impression of the customer and to distinguish between the competition. Every hotel owner knows the importance of a professional look, both online and offline.

Example of a website for the hospitality sector

The experience

Developing the brand, where experience is central. So how does the guest feel during the stay, what makes you unique? And what can the guest expect? This is worked out to perfection, the basis for success.


Of course the website must be able to facilitate the experience. From the easy booking of a room or a table to the sending of newsletters. But it doesn't stop there. Links with a PMS, channel managers and payment gateways are no problem.

Just take that extra step

How can we surpass experiences? From a thank you card at checkout, to location-oriented promotions. Together we look at the options to further enhance the experience. Based on an extensive profile of your visitor and guest. 

booking modules

Booking modules make it easy for guests to reserve a room or table. These booking modules can be built completely custom. So that different types of rooms, seasons and number of people can be taken into account.

Booking form for hotels and hospitality, make it easy for your users

PMS Integration

By integrating a PMS, accommodations can be easily managed and rooms are automatically reserved after booking. It also gives a clear overview of occupation and fluctuations in seasons. 

PMS for hotels and hospitality, keep track of your bookings better

Channel Manager Integration

By integrating a Channel Manager, bookings are automatically centralized. Whether they come from your own website, from agoda or You always have an overview. In addition, it also provides valuable insights into which channels perform best.

PMS for hotels and hospitality, keep track of your bookings better

In addition, our websites are of course:

Web design for the hospitality industry, experience in and around the hotel

A focus on experience

Functions are nothing more than functions, however useful they are. That is why we look, in addition to the functions of the website, how we can also optimize the user experience. This way your website is not only an extremely powerful marketing tool, but also an extension of your brand. A website that already gives a taste of the experience that awaits them. The focus on experience, which is central to our process and the development of brand strategy, branding and websites for the Hospitality Industry.

Curious about us process?

A number of companies for which we have already achieved success:

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