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Finding and realizing potential.

Stand out, by wanting to make a difference

We believe brands can make the world a better place. A world in which meaning and profit go hand in hand. Our mission is to find and strengthen this potential in brands through design in a broader sense. By combining brand strategy, design, marketing and technology, we chart a clear course forward. A foundation for growth, through positive change. 

Performance Design, focused on results

Presentise is a strategically driven design studio that believes in bridging the gap between strategy and design. By tailoring a brand to the needs of the customer and creating value; for both the customer and the company. Which results in unique and effective solutions. A true partnership, for long-term results.


The foundation


  • Brand values
  • Guests
  • goal road map


  • Positioning
  • User Stories
  • funnel building
  • Insights
  • game plan

We help companies and organizations of all sizes define their goals, clarify their reason for being and understand their ideal customers. 

This way we can make targeted and effective choices down the line. A basis for effective communication, branding and marketing that connects to the target group, clearly represents the brand and differentiates the competition.  


The heart

Brand concept

  • Brand name
  • Brand Proposition
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand experience

Brand design

  • Logo design
  • Visual identity
  • Brand activation
  • Packaging design
  • Brand Guidelines

Based on the strategic foundation, we start the creative process. Razor-sharp focused on the objectives. 

A clear brand, messaging and powerful visual communication results in better performing brand activation. At every touchpoint.


The experience

Web concept

  • Information Architecture
  • Webdesign
  • Slide / pitch decks
  • UX

Web development

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • E-commerce
  • Conversion optimization

The online activation of your brand. A website has to work, so we balance design with strategy, marketing and technology for measurable results.

Always putting the end user central, so that goals can be achieved. Such as; more sales, increasing awareness, branding or clearly explaining complex information.

Each project requires a unique approach. But a number of scenarios are our specialty


Setting up a new brand, a startup that is growing out of its current guise or looking for new opportunities.


Setting up or scaling web shops, with growth, funnel building, conversions and the user as our focus.

Scale ups

Established companies that want to develop a competitive edge for better presentations.


Strategic Director / Co Founder
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Creative Director / Co Founder
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Present Network

External Specialists
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Our Manifesto

Strategy as the
foundation for success.

We always work from a strategic basis. By working from a well-considered plan, we can be sure that what we make actually works.

We work for the customers
of our clients.

It sounds logical, but is too often forgotten. By keeping this in mind, we stay on the right course.

Keeping the user in focus is not only more efficient, the results are also simply better.

Working together with people who are just as ambitious as we are.

We are passionate about what we do and we fully dedicate to the projects we take on. So we prefer customers who are just as passionate and ambitious as us. So that we can work towards the best results, together.

More impact, together.

Helping you towards the finish line. We prefer long-term partnerships, just like our customers, simply because it contributes to a mutually valuable collaboration. 

We make a diagnosis
before we prescribe.

We look for the core of the question. We will never put our customers or ourselves in the position where we prescribe solutions without first fully understanding the customer's challenge.

We may not do what you ask us to do.

If the solution is already known, we are probably not needed. We trust that you trust us as an expert, which we value incredibly. 

Studious and open
for new ideas.

We are open to new ideas and believe in constant (personal) development. This way we are sure that we always bring the best tools and knowledge to the table and do the best work for our customers. Bringing out the best in us, as well as the project we work on.

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