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The case

Establishment of the largest webshop for pets and owners in the Netherlands

With the ambition to become the webshop for the very best for your pet in the most inspiring way, you set the bar high as a company. The Netherlands' first lifestyle pet webshop approached Presentise as a strategic partner for the further development of the website and brand activation. Which covered creatives for advertising as well as web design and development. Central to the business is supporting it as it grows in new markets, distribution channels and product lines. 


Brand strategy
user Experience

Brand Proposition

Brand activation
Ad Creatives

Web development
Landing pages
Conversion optimization


In addition to the essentials, sells more and more unique white label pet products and products that focus on lifestyle and the owner himself. Central to the project was adding more inspiration and experience to the brand. Where the visitor previously only bought a product, he now buys a piece of experience where he is inspired throughout the entire customer journey. Reassured that the very best has been brought home for their pet. 

Experimental Commerce offers seamless and responsive e-commerce, showing the brand story and promoting products contextually.

Building up from
the brand experience customers see their pets as part of the family. The starting point of the communication was therefore, wanting the best for your “furry child”. There's nothing wrong with pampering and only getting the very best. 


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"Being an authentic brand, with an authentic story actually resonates with people."

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