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Intaya Energy

The case

Tomorrow Preserving

Based in Japan, with a mission to provide renewable energy to all of East Asia by harnessing the power of water. Intaya Energy supplies hydromagnetic generators and supplies power that is directly generated by hydro generators. Intaya is proud of their innovation in the Energy sector, especially in East Asia where they are pioneers. Constantly looking for ways to develop hydro energy.


Brand strategy
User Stories
Brand Identity

Brand name
Brand Proposition
Brand Promise

Logo design
Visual Identity
Brand activation

Strategy & Research

After researching the competition, brand attributes and the ideal customer, we found out what really made them unique and how Intaya Energy could be positioned. Intaya Energy is not for everyone, but a brand that “cares for people that care”. Intaya energy goes further than that and also offers perspective for the future and consultation on how companies can be pioneers in the field of clean energy. After we found out that the ideal customer was both B2B and decision-makers with certain values, we knew that we could align Intaya Energy with those same values. To make the brand appeal to both B2B and human to human.

Environmentally aware
Family oriented


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